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Is Chocolate A New Health Food?

(Submitted by: Meri Raffetto )

Could it be possible that our beloved chocolate may actually be good for us? This is the nutrition news we have all been waiting for. So here is the scoop on chocolate and its health benefits. Yes, you read right, health benefits!Recent ... Read article

Chocolate Tasting Techniques

(Submitted by: Shauna Hanus )

First of all start with an empty stomach. This has never been too much of a stretch for me, I am always willing to sample chocolate before dinner. Next, have the chocolate at the recommended 66-77 F. Finally allow the chocolate to sit in your ... Read article

Nutritious Chocolate Recipes

(Submitted by: Peter Cullen )

Are you eating enough fruit lately? How about chocolate? Well, here are three cool ways to make sure you're getting enough of both of these important foodstuffs this summer and both are very quick and easy.Godiva Chocolate Covered ... Read article

Chocolate Gift Ideas

(Submitted by: Jane Roseen )

People give gifts to strengthen bonds, to remind friends, family, and colleagues that they are an important part of our lives. Fine chocolates are just about everyone's favorite. And as the food industry has evolved in the last few decades, ... Read article

Virtual Chocolate

(Submitted by: Catherine Franz )

A second on your lips forever on your hips never happens with virtual chocolate. Chocolate begins from a seed. A cacao seed. It is then fermented, roasted, shelled, grounded, and melted into other forms and tastes. It is also exactly ... Read article

Recipe: Chocolate Modeling Clay

(Submitted by: Rondi Davis )

Ingredients:6 oz. chocolate chips5 teaspoons corn syrup1 gallon size zip-top bagRolling pin, cookie cutters, plastic table knifeDirections:1. Melt the chocolate chips in the top half of a double boiler ... Read article

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