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Virus Prevention 101

(Submitted by: Greg Richburg )

Blaster, Welchia, Sobig, W32, Backdoor, Trojan, Melissa, Klez, Worm, Loveletter, Nimda Do these names sound Familiar?Have you been as bothered by viruses this past year as I have? Does it seem like there are more viruses, worms and Trojans ... Read article

Computer-Virus Writers: A Few Bats In The Belfry?

(Submitted by: Dean Phillips )

"Male. Obsessed with computers. Lacking a girlfriend. Aged 14 to 34. Capable of creating chaos worldwide."The above description is the profile of the average computer-virus writer, according to Jan Hruska, the chief executive of ... Read article

Virus Prevention and Removal

(Submitted by: Ashish Jain )

A virus is a piece of code that gets loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes. The first known occurrence of viruses goes back to 1987 when the ARPANET was infected by one.One common misnomer among ... Read article

Computer Security

(Submitted by: Mario Ramis )

What is computer security? Computer security is the process of preventing and detecting unauthorized use of your computer. Prevention measures help you to stop unauthorized users (also known as "intruders") from accessing any part of your ... Read article

A New Era of Computer Security

(Submitted by: Kenth Nasstrom )

Computer security for most can be described in 2 words, firewall and antivirus.Until recently could one install a firewall and an antivirus program and feel quite secure. The risk of something bad succeeding with infecting your computer or ... Read article

Basic Computer Maintenance

(Submitted by: Donnie Schexnayder )

One of the most common questions computer users ask is, How do I maintain my computer and keep it running great? A computer is a lot like a carit costs more than you think it should, it starts going down in value as soon as you bring it home and ... Read article

Desktop Security Software Risks - Part 1

(Submitted by: Tim Klemmer )

This is the second in a series of articles highlighting reasons why we need a new model for anti-virus and security solutions.Reason #2: the Desktop Security Software RisksThe risks of placing software on the desktop are such that I ... Read article

Firewall Protection - Does Your Firewall Do This?

(Submitted by: Rob Green )

The first thing people think about when defending their computers and networks is an up-to-date antivirus program. Without this most basic protection, your computer will get a virus, which could just slow it down or potentially bring the pc to a ... Read article

The Computer Virus That Could Take Advantage of You

(Submitted by: Steve Dimeck )

Do you know there's a brand new computer virus that can get into your computer without you knowing even if you have AntiVirus and AntiSpyware installed? And when you try to get rid of it, it totally wrecks your system.I didn't know until a ... Read article

Burning Bridges is Bad, But Firewalls are Good

(Submitted by: Heather Wallace )

When you signed up for that ultra-fast DSL or Cable connection there was probably one very important piece of information that your ISP failed to mention. By accessing the Internet via a high-speed connection, you have tremendously increased your ... Read article

Cybercriminals Trick: Targeted Trojan-Containing Emails

(Submitted by: Alexandra Gamanenko )

Threats we ordinary Web users face online leave us no choice but learn. Haven't you noticed how many new things you learned lately? We are much better informed about malicious programs than just a year ago.This section of our vocabularies ... Read article

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