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The Power of Ganoderma in Oriental Medicine

(Submitted by: R.G. Srinivasan )

Ganoderma, a rare variety of Mushroom credited with the highest medicinal qualities by the classic Chinese Seng Nong is indeed a subject of much research from the ancient china of 100 B.C. or earlier to the modern times by various universities ... Read article

Know About the All Purpose Holistic Medicine

(Submitted by: David Chandler )

Understanding what holistic medicine is:Holistic Medicine is a wellness-based approach to medicine. It emphasizes the need to look at the whole person, including analysis of physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, social, ... Read article

Bling Therapy - Healing with Gemstones

(Submitted by: Roxanna Bain )

From jeweled necklaces to ankle bracelets, and all the tops and bottoms in between, we suddenly see Bling on every one and every thing! You instinctively knew that something about diamonds and rubies made you feel good when you first saw them ... Read article

Revolutionary Medicine: Shockwave Therapy for Chronic Pain Sufferers

(Submitted by: C. Bailey-Lloyd )

Stripped from the scenes from science fiction novels and films, shockwave therapy is a newage alternative to chronic pain sufferers. Utilized not only on humans for over 25 years for urologic and orthopedic conditions, shockwave therapy has even ... Read article

Isnt It Time For WHOLISTIC Medicine?

(Submitted by: D.S. Braun )

I posted a story the other day on one of my blogs - the headline reads: "Antidepressant drugs quadruple risk of suicides, research shows".SighI mean, c'mon. isn't the whole reason we take anti-depressant drugs centered around NOT ... Read article

Integrative Medicine And Its Future

(Submitted by: D. S. Epperson )

The NBC National News, quoted the Washington Post in March 2000 about the concerns that the FDA had over the mixing of supplements and conventional medications. There was concerns that millions of people are taking supplements (considered herbs, ... Read article

Alternative Healing Schools

(Submitted by: C. Bailey-Lloyd )

Looking for Alternative Healing Schools? What are alternative healing schools?Alternative healing schools educate potential healers with alternative mind body and health care like aromatherapy, astrology, Feng Shui, hypnosis, meditation, ... Read article

Herbs and Essential Oils Powerful Medicine

(Submitted by: Sherry Sims )

We can find many beneficial uses for natural herbs and their essential oils in our lives. The essential oils contain the concentrated part of the herb. Using the herb in its purest oil form can allow us to store it for longer periods of time. We ... Read article

Wild Medicine and Tansy Cakes

(Submitted by: Simon Mitchell )

It started with the Tansy cakes. I had to ask myself 'Why would anyone eat anything so utterly disgusting in taste'? Chrysanthemum Vulgare is a common perennial in the British Isles and the name Tansy is said to be derived from the Greek ... Read article

Alternative Treatments For Arthritis Pain Relief

(Submitted by: Priya Shah )

Natural, herbal remedies can help arthritis sufferers who have tried traditional pain medications without success. Many natural remedies and supplements have been found to actually reduce cartilage deterioration and even rebuild a patient's lost ... Read article

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